Style vs Fashion

Always rivals or standing next to each other!? I was never attracted by fashion, at least not on that way that people immediately think of when they say that word ( fashion = beauty, esthetics, luxury, clothing, make up and other shallow things ), but one side of fashion called creativity did and always will attract me. Furthermore, fashion was my professional milestone and hint of direction in which my further prof. development will go till the final profession, what I do today, Styling Consultancy.

In 2011, I wrote my first blogs on this theme and they were mostly rebellion against fashion and fashion trends, and in fervour of style. Today, from this point of view with a little more professional experience, fashion and style will become best friends that will go hand by hand in the near future. Things are more and more personalized what’s same happen on field of clothing. Of course, that does not mean that fashion designers will become fashion psychologists but they start to make more clothes for different personalities then for empty bodies or human dolls, also. Still, the same as relation between industry and technology versus human being and his intelligence, style will always be one step forward in comparison to fashion, simply because of inner condition of human being that only he can recognize and become aware of. Fashion is a unique clothing maschine and it will follow human life just to the certain point but, man will still transfer his present life situations in his clothing. On that way, he will still be in charge, and not some maschine, of his unique style which will follow personal development of human being.

So, my dear followers, follow fashion and fashion trends by choosing what does personally match to you, as a person and human being, and that moment when you start blindly follow fashion magazines and runways and put clothes on yourself as a part of routine with excuse that is socially accepted, take a minute and ask yourself in which direction your life start to go.

    Style ( Peter Lindbergh )   vs     Fashion




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