We match personality with clothes

When you come on your first styling consultancy, you fill up query from which we don’t get only your body measures, habits, needs but also we get know more about your personality. How does your one day look and how do you spend your free time, do you like sport or you have other hobbies and which one, are the questions that make our picture complete about your life tempo. After that, it’s our job to define and direct you to clothes that match to your life tempo in purpose not to look like you are lost in your own suit.

At least once in lifetime you saw, on Serbian weddings is very common, woman who wore very narrow dress which had big structure in front, for exp. flower or geometrical shape, with high heels but, she liked a lot to dance and she was all the time nervous and couldn’t sit on one place for longer so, she was pulling down her dress continuously as she couldn’t move as she would love to, and flower just bothered her and her feet broke off on high heels. All in all, she looked ridiculous and her styling was out of balance. That simply wasn’t her outfit, not for ceremony, not for public events, not at all. That’s why we are engage in body but personality either, which is one step deeper in styling consultancy profession.

On one side is esthetics and presenting you what is a good taste where we observe your figure, face shape, colour palette, textures and measures


and on other side, is your personality from which we get information about your job, hobbies, wishes, preferences, spare time and on that base we determine cuts and type of textures that best fit to you.

Only if you feel good, relax and comfortable in your suit, no matter in which situation you are, that is your styling. In opposite, styling is not yours, you feel bad and look poor and that’s not what you want for yourself.

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