For who and why are styling services necessary?

The answer is for everyone. Why – because each of us, doesn’t matter if we have a talent for clothing and estethics and have a good taste, work in some of fashion professions or we don’t have a talent and we are insecure when we talk about styling, from time to time need to involve someone outside of our life to push us harder to exit from monotony or change we delay for a while. The most recent we try to find answer on our frustrations in fashion magazines and in friends, who work in fashion industry, advice but what we really need is just simply ask ourselves: how are we going to spend our time today, which activites will we do and which activities do we need, and on that way we will actually become aware of type of personality that we have. And from here, we will looking for clothes that match our personalities not only our bodies, with all respect to my colleagues from fashion world.

Successfully finished exam collections with super-taught criteria of our Italian professor on Academy! Reason for our smiles .. :))

Group of people that have a talent for fashion and talent from birth for good taste and than naturally are involved in some of fashion jobs are the hardest to let someone else to be involved in their clothes and wardrobe. The main reasons are their rejected attitude and high vanity that he/she posses that they are born for styling, and all is finished here. None know more than them in this field! BUT, as I belong to this group either, I can say that we need help either as anyone else. By all, we are all just human beings!:)

When in previous five years, I changed my style twice what’s totally normal as our personality developing, I wished my own Styling Consultant a couple of times. It came to my mind ‘ Ah, it will be great to have now Consultant … ‘ as I needed to do a few shoppings, wardrobe makeover, cleaning my shoe space and jewelry and it would be much easier and better to have someone as right hand, and to be professionlist with fresh ideas.


My first makeover – I cut my hair to be short after 15 years!

As conclusion, I warmly invite all people that are similar to me, to find and contact Styling Consultant as they feel relief that I couldn’t. Of course, I don’t want to disregard those people that centrally need help as they are with lack of selfconfidence and belief in their way of wearing clothes, Styling Consultant as my clients said, read here KJ Clients feedbacks, bring them selfconfidence, rational spending of time and money and efficiency in styling for every situation.

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